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21.4.2020 [RUSTY] is still live and kicking! Join us in Discord https://discord.gg/vMez4B5  we accept visitors atm, but be careful with your attitude, we have 13 admins ready to kick inappropriate users.  

Main games we play now:

-World of Tanks

-Red Dead Redemption 2

-Fallout 76 Wastelanders

more to come.... it depends..

25.5.2018 [RUSTY] is testing Day of Infamy server. Discord is running, so meet us there, info available in PLATOoN Vets' FB.

4.1.2018 Account creating to website works again!

3.1.2018 TS3 server problem solved. New address for TS3 server is  rustyspoon.servebeer.com                                     

1.1.2018  Happy 2018, due to TS -server problems, last nite tested DISCORD with Dida. I recommend this FREE software, it can be installed also in your cell phone. We have own server called RUSTY, welcome!!! Insurgency -server is still up and running, just go and play and it's public for all players, it runs 24/7 and runs Born To Kill -mod. If you want to meet me, Ike, Dida or Diego visit us in the World of Tanks. We're in almost daily. Anyway would be nice to see some activity from other members too.

24.12.2017 Merry Xmas ! 

29.11.2017   [RUSTY] 10 years old.

5.11.2017 Back in business, TS -server up. IP rusty.servebeer.com welcome all members to chat. Dida is setting up Insurgency server, it might work next week. Anyway we're online playing WoT almost every day. There's a always room for new players, they accept 3 player platoons.

8.7.2017  Last weekend, it was nice to play, see and talk with the Team! Today we continue playing and next weekend

15.7 & 16.7 we should have a full server!! What i liked most was that most of guys took their old PLATOoN -tag. We missed our brother Murphy and his nut cracker in many tight spots against VC.  Cya ingame !

27.6.2017 Following weekends whole [RUSTY] -server is reserved just for members. We play in the memory of our fallen brother Murphy. I hope we will see many of present [RUSTY] and past [PLATOoN] members too. TS is must.

8.6.2017 R.I.P. Brother Murphy  

26.12.2016 Born To Kill is finally published, still waiting for COOP -mode. So far there's only PvP action available but game looks very nice. Weapons are Vietnam era, gear as well. At this date, there's only one official server available, hopefully it's fixed soon. UPDATE: BTK has been moved under Day of Infamy, so you have to buy this mod to play with it. This sucks.

12.6.2016 Tested [RUSTY] server this afternoon with Mac, works nice, but got some problems with map change, so be careful when choosing a map, for now, use just original coop ones. Yesterday Dida uploaded shitload of coop maps up there. Also yesterday  i was testing other gamemodes with Dida.

10.6.2016 Tested [RUSTY] server, works fine, Big Thanks to Dida ! Due to lack of players, tested Insurgency's new mode, solo playing. Interesting, but coop bots on your side are real idiots,they just follow you and shoot enemies after they've been shot first. I like the idea that once you're hit and down, pressing F - key you move into one of the bots and continue battle.

9.6.2016 Tomorrow the football tournament starts in WoT. There should be free-to-join matches as well, like two years ago. Last time the tank we had was T-62a Sport. Update, tank is going to be T-62A Sport, all players receive one with slot in garage. I played some matches 2 years ago, was ******* fun. Come in and try !!! Hopefully we're going to see M-24 Chaffee race later this year. update INFO

8.6.2016 Back to Insurgency!! Updated game tested succesfully with Murph. Also Dida updated our server. Our 2 member platoon was in trouble with those terrorists but we managed to kill some of them too. Server pass is same old  but if you dont remember it, join TS or ask via Steam. More info available also in Veterans FB-site. Hopefully we can arrange some action after long long break. Also hoping that you guys add screenies or other stuff into [RUSTY] forum too. Cya soon!

10.3.2016 World of Tanks Update 9.14 published. New sounds are absolutely beautiful. Join our fight now or never. Physics changed dramatically, now it's possible to flip over with your tank.

03.02.2016 Added World of Tanks into our game library. Welcome to try, game is free for all. Watch trailer, download game, Add me into your friends list please, my nick is Von_Stroopwafel, i can help you out, got all tanks from tier 1. Just contact me, Dida or Diego ingame. And please use teamspeak. IMPORTANT! Before installation, check WoT official site / forum for starter "pack" sometimes they give away free gift tank, premium time  & some gold. worldoftanks.eu 

09.01.2016 Thanks to Dida we can say "It's in the (brand new) forum!!". You have to log in to see and use this forum.

24.12.2015 Merry Christmas everyone !!  

09.12.2015 We have some new plans about team future, so keep checking these news! Main purpose is to bring more guys online, more often...something old, something new... too bad there's no vechiles available, we can't arrange Jeep races like in VC2, but we're going to arrange something else.    

29.11.2015 [RUSTY] celebrates it's 8th birthday. Calling all old, ex-, present members online! Our server is updated for 16 players, hope we fill all slots then! Get your password from teamspeak and join the battle.  

TS3 looker

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