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[RUSTY] "Clan" history goes back to 2004 -2005, when couple of players got bored to  r u n , d i e  &  r e s p a w n -style multiplayer first-person-shooters (FPS). Some years earlier published Vietcong was something new... offering 32 players co-operative matches! Vietcong also had ingame chat, that made it perfect for any size of team to play together. Some of our members started to play FPS or/and COOP when game was published. CTF (capturing the flag) was never our mode. but we used to use that mode for double coop ( two coop teams against each others) with separated teamspeak channels. Teamspeak is important part of  coop gaming. It has been important add-on for us, no matter what is your native language. We always prefer english. If you want to play with us, welcome to hang around, just contact us via teamspeak. [RUSTY] does not take new members. Almost all old [PLATOoN] members are automatically [RUSTY] members.

At the end of the 2005, Vietcong 2 was published. This was start point of the  [RUSTY] clan. Some Italian friends of ours created clan called [PLATOoN], and one by one, many of present clan members started to play. After years of hard cooping already dead game (no updates etc) was too much to us, and players didn't come to our servers anymore, also numerous of game bugs made playing...well,a bit challenging.. Popularity of Vietcong 2 was never big, there were numerous of servers but never more than 100 people online at same time. Vietcong 2 was planned to have ranking for active players but it never happened... so we made our own ranking, based on team survival during battle. It worked perfectly... During those years we met many new talented friends with map creating, coding etc... and our clan grew up to 40 members. 2012 - 2013 was last year with VC2 for us. Final nail to VC2's coffin was the end of the Gamespy contract at 2014. R.I.P. VC2

World of Tanks. During the last year(s), team started to find new multiplayer game, and this wasn't easy task... we formed [LRRP] to play World of Tanks and World of Warplanes. Today we play WoT without clan tag. WoWp isn't so popular among our members. Also Wargaming has World of Warships, but like WoWp, it's not popular with our members.

Insurgency. Perfect for COOPing. But, it's not perfect game yet... we are still missing some classes.. engineer, who carries ammo, medic, who heals wounded soldier, sapper, who sets deadly booby traps... all those classes were in Vietcong 2. Maybe those classes will be added later??




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